Who are we?

Picture of Owner, Norm Demers

Demco Construction is owned and operated independently by Norm Demers out of Huxley Alberta. Demco Construction offers you all of your building construction options. We come to you to provide you the service that you need. We have been serving central Alberta for 28 years, with over 200 buildings and 300 restorations under our belt. We have the qualified reliable and trained staff to get the job done.

What Can We Offer You?

Picture of the Crew Building a Building

We are an experienced and expert company in building construction and steel cladding. No matter what your needs are, agricultural, commercial or even custom. Demco has experience building all sorts of agricultural buildings as well as larger commercial buildings. Demco will provide the building from start to finish, design, materials and the building of the structure. We believe that there is no need for a middleman; once you agree to have a building built that is your last worry.

Where are we?

Demco is based in Huxley Alberta. We have provided services from all over central Alberta from as far south as Calgary, as far east as Hanna, as far north as Edmonton and all the west to Sundre.

Small Map of Demco Service Area

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Why Choose Demco?

Demco believes in face-to-face contact, if you are uncertain of a building, or just need a question anwsered, Demco is more that happy to take you on guided tour of building similar to the one you want. We are here to help you.

Demco is a avid supporter of the local economy, your building will come from supplies that are bought from stores in your economy.

If you value any of these

  • Exceptional Design
  • Quality Construction
  • An Experienced and Reliable Company
  • Competitive Quotes

Then you want your building built by Demco, because at Demco we build better buildings.