Agriculture Buildings

Picture of AgricultureBuilding

Demco can build many types of building to meet your agriculture needs. Demco buildings are a perfect fit for whatever you need. They can be built out of any of Demco's building styles. We have the experience to help you find what you need. Just contact Demco to help in choosing what style will best suite your needs.

Types of Agriculture Buildings

Hay Sheds

Picture of a Demco HayShed

Demco buildings provides excellent storage for all types of hay, like Timothy and Alfalfa. We can provide you a reliable storage area, no matter how big or small.

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Picture of a Demco Arena

Demco buildings provide an excellent building that can stretch out 80 feet wide for you arenas. We can also build you a structure that can be a combination riding arena, barn and hay storage shed.

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Shops & Machine Storage

Picture of a Demco Shop

With the extra attic space you can add in large overhead doors which allow you to move your large machinery in and out easily. For example you can put a 16 foot high door into a 16 foot high wall, other buildings would take an 18 foot high wall to accomplish that.

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Picture of a Demco Barn

With Demco girder truss buildings the attic space can be converted into a loft, for extra storage space. Insulated girder truss buildings do not have the oven effect in the summer, keeping them cooler. And still keep enough heat in the winter for the animals.

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