Commercial Buildings

Picture of Commerical Building

Demco construction understand that when you need to build a commercial building you need a building that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and it must abide by rigid standards. Demco takes all these factors into consideration when building your commercial building. No matter what kind of endeavor you are getting into Demco can build you a building that will make your business succeed.

Standards for Commercial Buildings

  • All buildings are enginnered to the proper wind load and snow load by Demco's in house engineer
  • Demco's pile foundation is enginnered to the same standard as a grade bean at a fraction of the cost

Types of Commercial Buildings

Picture of Commerical Building

Demco can build the frame of your building either from steel or wood. Each building can recieve high quality steel cladding. Contact Demco to see which one of these frames best suites your needs, each has it's own advantages and each excels in it's own situation.

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