Demco Buildings

Picture of Demco Building

Demco Buildings are designed with your needs specifically. There are different styles that can allow for different benefits, let us help you find the building that best suites your specific needs. Demco builds three main types of buildings each with it's own advantages. The Girder Truss and Column truss building are high quality wood buildings completely built by Demco. The Steel buildings are constructed by Demco, but are pre-fabbed building supplied by Canfer Rolling Mills.

Types of Buildings

Listed below are Demco's main building types, each will be customized to best fit your structural, land space and financial needs.

Girder Truss

This is a building design unique to Demco. This building allows for maximization of your space. Normal building use the space for just building support but Demco's special design allows for that space to be used by you. Your doors can be higher, another level of storage, like a Mezzanine can be placed there. Can be built widths of 36 to 80 feet and length can be any size you wish in multiples of 12, 10 and 8 feet. This building is adaptable to be either an Agriculture or Commercial structure.

Girder Truss Building Specification

Column Truss

This is your standard building, this building is relatively inexpensive compared to other styles and is best suited for smaller buildings. It's simple structure makes it a perfect fit as an inexpensive complimentary building. It will serve you best as an Agricultural Building.

Column Truss Building Specification

Steel Buildings

This is your largest style of building. This buildings are pre-pabbed by Canfer Rolling Mills. We can sell you the package and erect it for you. The steel construction allows for the building to be wider with more tensile strength in the steel than the wood. These buildings are best suited for larger structures and commercial structures which need to have higher standards than the average building. These are pre-manufacutred by Canfer Rolling Mills, and erected for you by Demco's quality staff.


Building Foundations

Another benefit of choosing a Demco building is the special foundation that Demco uses. Instead of using pressure treated wood to go deep into the ground, Demco using a special cement pile system. This allows for a sturdy foundation deep into the ground. Plus the cost of the cement lowers the price you pay for your building, better construction and cheaper price isn't that what you always want to see?